Marriage Ideas and Format

Your ideas are important,
your special day, you’re wedding, your way:

Type of Ceremony: Basic / Traditional / Modern / other

Rituals & Symbols

Unity Candle : (Example)

The unity candle symbolises the new relationship or family, which is being created as distinct from the couple’s past life apart. Two taper candles, representing the couple as individuals, are used to light a single centre candle as a visible symbol of their commitment to each other. The flame represents the energy that is created when two people unite in one place, and can be included as powerful acknowledgment within the body of the ceremony. For example:

The flame of this candle burns steadily and bright, lighting your way forward in the world as two united as one. You both are charged with keeping this flame bright for the rest of your days, acknowledging that sometimes it may flicker and dim when life’s bluster becomes too strong. Yet know that what sustains it is the very air we breathe, life unto life, until our last breath. So be it with this union of two spirits.

: Symbols & Rituals :
Including children in the vows
Children’s Unity Candle & Children’s Ring Ceremony
Rose Ceremony
The Family Rose Ceremony
Honouring Past Loved Ones
Hand Blessing Ceremony
Sand ceremony
Sharing of wine
Box, Wine & Love Letter Ceremony
by Carol J Merletti (USA)
Unity Bowl
Warming of the Rings
Wedding Bells
Stone Ceremony
Wishing Stones – Blessing Stones
Beach Wedding – Shell Blessing
Flower Ceremony
Butterfly Release
Poem – Winged Flight by Maggie Dent
Circle of Acceptance
Lots of Ideas
Tell me your idea’s

Order of Ceremony:

1. Precessional (or Bridal March)
2. Welcoming
3. Giving Away
4. Introduction
5. Readings
6. Monitum / legal
7. Declaration of intention to Marry
8. Vows
9. Your Vows
10. Ring Ceremony
11. Conclusion
12. The Declaration
13. Signing of the register
14. Congratulions & Presentation to Family & Friends.
15. Recessional.

These can be changed to meet your requirements and type of wedding you wish.
Wedding Vows: Refer to our Special tips of writing your own Wedding Vows.
You can choice to write your own wedding vows, use one of ours, or jointly we will design your special wedding vows.

Rehearsal Date & time

Do you wish the rehearsal at the wedding location or other?

Themes, thoughts & ideas: Any special requirements.

Religion, ritual or cultural requirements.

Participation of Family or Children

Number of Guests – Do we need PA SYSTEM?

Risk Management – what if it rains – Do we have alternatives?

Music, flowers, candles or special set ups if any.

Dress Code any special requirements.

We are here to help and guide you.

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